“A dreamlike experience.”

I was introduced to Helath Novus by a friend who had undergone a Lifestyle assessment, Kourosh was professional and explained the whole process clearly. The best part for me was when we sat down to analyse my data. I would recommend the lifestyle assessment to anyone that wants to learn more about themselves and improve on their Stress and recovery.


Work fun balance!”

The Lifestyle assessment at helath novus was a great way for me to find a better work fun balance a must for all if you ask me.



“Everything I wanted and more.”

What a great way to get more insight into how many calories I burn each day, Kourosh was great at explaining the full lifestyle assessment and I have decided to retest in 6 months time to see my progress.



Who would have thought that breastfeeding was a means of my body recovering, through the lifestyle assessment i have discovered numerous positive and negative actions that influence my health.